The launch of Danique Keepsakes


Welcome to my shiny new blog, to go along with my shiny new Facebook business page, Instagram and Etsy shop! Work is currently in progress but I can’t wait to launch Danique Keepsakes in April and best of all, I will be sharing my knowledge along the way!

For a while I have wanted to start a blog and now that I have some ideas up my sleeve I thought that I had better get started. So enough about me and a little bit about the business and what you can expect to see…

Danique Keepsakes launches in April and is a small business, based in Leeds but provides the services worldwide. Turning children’s outgrown clothing into baby keepsakes or lost loved ones items into adult keepsakes is mainly what we do. We also create nursery items, including handmade toys, which are CE tested and safe from birth.

My business journey has involved lots of research and learning to get to where I am at today but I have been able to sew since I was nine years old, did it for work experience at 16 and even got a GCSE in Textiles, so it was time I took my experience and put some information out there. If you’re not into sewing though, don’t worry, my blogs will explore all sorts of things, relating to everything I do. Over the years I have learnt more than just about sewing. How to CE test handmade toys is just one of my biggest achievements and one I’m proud of that I’m looking forward to going into more detail about.

Keep an eye out for the launch of Danique Keepsakes. There’s loads coming up so you wouldn’t want to miss it!

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